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Our Services

Home Medical Equipment and Pharmacy Services

It’s easy to find home medical equipment and supplies in this 24 hour, internet access world; but to find personalized service, answers to your questions and personal care, you need to discover the Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions difference. 

The knowledgeable professionals at Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions take a collaborative approach to find the best equipment and services for each customer and to provide the best instruction to ensure the best results. Our goal is to provide a seamless transition between care settings and the customer’s home.  From helping the customer find the right equipment and assistance with billing to follow up to ensure satisfaction, you can count on Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions.


Specialized Medication and Prescription Compounding

If you or someone you care for has trouble or is unable to take medications in the traditional way, the pharmacists at Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions offer prescription compounding.  Prescription compounding can create individualized dosing in specific delivery forms like topical gels, lozenges, troches and creams, with child-friendly flavoring also available.

Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions offers specialized unit dose and multi-dose packaging of medications for easier use and less errors. Ask our pharmacy staff about getting your medications packaged in this way.

The retail pharmacy at Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions offers many personal and professional pharmacy services in addition to our prescription medications. Count on Valmed’s over-the-counter medications and supplies, herbal and homeopathic products and convenient on-site immunizations.  Use our convenient online prescription and drive up window and ask about delivery.  You can even use our "RX local" mobile app for your Smart Phone.



Personalized Patient Health Evaluations

Patient EvaluationValmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions offers personalized patient evaluations to ensure that every customer receives the care and services they need to for the best health outcomes.

The patient evaluations include:

  • Evaluation of patient’s home, workplace and transportation for wheelchair or other home medical equipment feasibility.
  • Individualized assessment of medications and therapies for possible side effects, effectiveness and contraindications relating to other medications, food, supplements and concurrent medical conditions
  • Medication management adherence program evaluations
  • Physician follow-up on medical equipment, oxygen, medications and therapies prescribed.
  • Collaborative care planning with healthcare providers.

     Valmed Offers Home Infusion and Nutritional Services

    Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions offers home infusion services include antibiotic therapy, chemotherapy, enteral nutrition, total parenteral nutrition (TPN), pain management, immunoglobulins (IVIG), and specialty injectable and respiratory medications. 

    How can Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions serve you today? Please contact Valmed Home Health & Pharmacy Solutions to learn more.