About Us

Providing unique and creative solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s medical challenges.

Your Wellness is Our Mission

At Valmed Home Health and Pharmacy Solutions, your wellness is our mission. We provide exemplary, quality home health care and specialized pharmaceutical services for the community, to promote wellness, to relieve suffering and to restore health as swiftly, safely and humanely as it can be accomplished. We recognize the value of every person from birth to end of life and we aspire to nurture health, healing and living guided by our commitment to excellence, concern and compassion for those we serve.

Making Difficult Moments Do-able

Our Valmed team often meets with people when they are at their most vulnerable…faced with a life-changing event, challenging diagnosis or a new and confusing treatment protocol. It is our honor to humbly serve, advise and help make those difficult moments more do-able.

More Than Just a Friendly Voice

We work hard to set the standard of excellence in our community by providing the patient, their families, and their physicians’ confidence that we are dedicated, committed, and capable of delivering responsive, professional, and caring service to each and every patient, as part of, a successful plan of care.

Why Choose Us –

We go the extra mile

We Go the Extra Mile

Every day, we strive to better the lives of our customers and help them manage and simplify their health needs. Offering mail and local delivery, online prescription refills, and drive-through convenience, Valmed takes the hassle out of healthcare.

Easy RX Transfer

Complete our Easy Rx Transfer form to take the hassle out of moving your prescriptions to Valmed. Our Pharmacists then call your previous pharmacy and transfer all of your active prescriptions for you!

Easy-to-Use Medication Packaging

Get your medicines organized for you, sorted by day, time and dose, in individual Valmed+Packs.

Medications Made Especially for You

Our Pharmacists can compound customized medications in unique dosage forms containing the ideal dose of medication for each individual. Medications can be customized in dosage forms that are not commercially available, such as transdermal gels, troches, “chewies”, and lollipops.

Home Medical Equipment, Made Simple

Our experienced team members assess your needs and evaluate your home for the appropriate care and medical equipment. Our services include sizing, demonstration, education, and fitting of products, as well as repairs and delivery of equipment.

Personalized Support

Our Pharmacists can assist in a variety of consultations helping to optimize the best medication regimen or over the counter product based on your needs. Our Mother’s Liason is available to answer breastfeeding questions and consult on breastfeeding and maternity products.

Immunizations and Injectables

Our highly qualified PharmD Pharmacist and BSN, RN are able to administer these immunizations and injectables here at the pharmacy: annual flu vaccine, Shingrx, Prevnar13, Penumovax23, TDaP, or TB vaccines and testing. Specialty injectables: B-12, Testoserone, Abilify and others are available upon request.