Why Choose Us

At Valmed Home Health and Pharmacy Solutions, your wellness is our mission. Being a local family owned pharmacy, we genuinely care for our patients by building personal relationships to deliver a higher level of care. Our personalized support begins by listening to every customer carefully, and respectfully. This allows us to provide
compassionate service with expert advice, at affordable prices. We understand you. We have proudly built a business that is rooted in respect for all, and welcomes everyone.

Drive-Thru Access

Pick up your medication and retail products without leaving the comfort of your vehicle. Available Monday-Friday from 8am – 6pm.

At Home Delivery

Need the convenience of your medication delivered directly to your home? To make life easier, we offer mail and home delivery. Contact us for more details.

Easy Rx Transfer

Complete our Easy Prescription Transfer form to take the hassle out of transferring your prescriptions to Valmed.

Natural Supplements

CBD products, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. We offer a complete line of Pharmacist recommended products. Consultations are also available to determine which nutrients may be depleted from the body due to prescription medication use or lifestyle.

Valmed + Packs

Easy-to-use medication packaging that organizes your prescriptions and over-the counter medications by day, time and dose in individual packets. If you are on more than one medication, we will sync your refills to fall on the same day each month saving you time and extra trips to the pharmacy.

Home Infusion Therapy

The comforts of home can do wonders for people fighting infections or treating a chronic condition. Home infusion therapy gives you the chance to heal in a space where you’re comfortable and relaxed. Instead of fighting waiting rooms and hospital stays, you can be resting in your favorite armchair.

Medication Compounding

Our Pharmacists can compound customized medications in unique dosage forms containing the ideal dose of medication for each individual. That means specific ingredients are used to make a prescription specialized just for you. One size doesn’t fit all and as a specialty pharmacy we are able to take the exact medications your doctor has ordered and create a prescription specifically for you.


Our highly qualified PharmD Pharmacist and BSN, RN are able to administer a variety of immunizations and injectables here at Valmed!

Valmed + Baby

Our Pharmacists are available to consult with expecting mothers on prenatal vitamins, supplements and nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding. They will also work closely with your healthcare provider to find customized solutions for nausea, painful nipples, hemorrhoids, thrush, diaper rash and more by compounding medications specifically for you. That means specific ingredients are used to make a prescription specialized just for you.

Care Facilities

Are you or your loved one being admitted into a care facility? We can fill your prescriptions including infusions and deliver them directly to the facility. Contact us to learn more.

Personalized Support

Our Pharmacists can assist in a variety of consultations helping to optimize the best medication regimen or over the counter product based on your needs. Our Mother’s Liason is available to answer breastfeeding questions and consult on breastfeeding and maternity products.

Online Refills and Mobile App

Want to refill on the go? You can either submit a refill request through our website or download our free Mobile App today to refill with ease, receive medication reminders, touch to call, and much more!

Get prescription refills on the go with the free RxLocal App!

RxLocal is a free application that helps connect you to your Valmed prescription refills and more. You will be able to submit refill requests directly from your iPhone or Android device by using your RX number
and date of birth.

Additionally, you can message back and forth with our Pharmacy team regarding any medication questions or concerns. You can also set reminders to take your medications.