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Before and after surgery, we partner with your healthcare team to provide services that assist in your pain management, healing, and safety.

Our experienced team members assess your needs and provide education for the proper and safe use of equipment prescribed after surgery. Your equipment will be delivered to your bedside at the surgery center.

  • Orthotic Devices

  • CPM (Continuous Passive Motion) Machines

  • Cryotherapy (Cold Therapy)

  • Hip Kit

  • Standard and Lightweight Wheelchairs

  • Walkers and Knee Walkers

  • Crutches and Spring Loaded Crutches

  • Canes

  • Commode Extender

  • Bedside Commodes

  • Shower Benches and Chairs

  • Hip Kit

  • Technicians are available for after-hours concerns, questions or needs

Our experienced Pharmacists are able to provide consultation and education regarding your post-operative medications. Our Pharmacists review your current home medications, allergies and risk factors, to closely evaluate and identify any medication therapy problems. 

  • Comprehensive Medication Review including prescriptions, over-the-counter, herbal medications and dietary supplements to identify medication-related problems 

  • Collaboration with your physician for the best patient-specific plan and to resolve any medication therapy problems

  • Medication counseling and education 

  • Available for questions or concerns

  • Post-Operative home medications will be delivered with your medical equipment to your hospital room

  • No trips to the pharmacy and skip waiting in line

  • Get home with all the medications and equipment needed for your recovery

  • Convenient drive-up window for any additions or refills (completed quickly since we have already filled for you and we have your information)

  • Written Education in English or Spanish 

  • MedsOnCue on demand videos about each prescription (English or Spanish) by scanning the QR code on the RX label

  • Taking your medication as directed is an important step toward healing and pain management

  • Our customized packaging,          Valmed plus Packs makes it easy

  • Your medicines are organized for you, sorted by day, time and dose in individual packets

  • Mobile App for refills & medication reminders 

  • Online website for refills 

  • Infusion/specialty pharmacy 

  • Compounding medications-such as pain cream

  • Retail pharmacy focused on providing services to keep you and your family healthy and care based on your unique needs

Have an upcoming surgery?

Schedule a time to discuss your post-operative care! 

Call 806-350-6637  

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