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Right Medication. 

Right Dose. 

Right Time.

Keeping your medications organized can be a huge task. Remembering which prescription to take at which time can lead to missed doses or taking the wrong medications at the wrong times. Get your medicines organized for you, sorted by day, time and dose, in individual Valmed plus Packs.

Valmed Home Health and Pharmacy Solutions

No more worrying or guessing if your medications were taken.

How it Works

We Coordinate

with your doctors and insurance to gather your prescriptions

We Organize

your pills based on the date and time that you take them

We Deliver

your pills along with any other pharmacy items to your door

Valmed Home Health and Pharmacy Solutions

Our Pharmacists will synchronize all of your medications to be filled at the same time each month, instead of you having to make multiple visits to the pharmacy.

Prescription Synchronization

Valmed Home Health and Pharmacy Solutions

Valmed plus Packs make life easier and healthier for you or your caregiver. You’ll have more time, more freedom and less stress.

Save trips to the pharmacy 

Automatically get your refills at the same time each month

Free delivery to your doorstep

Same great pharmacy support

No more pill sorting on Sundays

No more loose pills in your pocket

Valmed + Packs
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